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Mark mpludwig at facstaff.wisc.edu
Thu Mar 28 13:18:17 EST 2002

>An excellent argument for the virtues of an
>all-around diet is Nutrition and Physical
>Degeneration by Weston A Price,  a dentist,
>past president of the American Dental Association,
>and world traveler. In the 30's he visited indigenous
>peoples around the world, studying their teeth, their
>diet, and overall health.  He also noted the health
>of the same genetic & cultural peoples in nearby
>villages with access to trading posts.... and processed
>food.  (Yes, there is a Weston A Price Foundation
>Bill Mollison was once asked what kind of diet he
>preferred.  His reply:  "I don't eat factory food."
>Sums it up nicely!
>One Love,

You can find the Price foundation site at 

I had the pleasure of seeing Sally Fallon at the WI grazing conference for 
a full day this year.  I'm pretty well satisfied that they have nailed down 
both anecdotal and scientific bases for an animal rich diet, and I know it 
can be done sustain ably on most of the planet.  Check the site out, even 
if you are vegan as there is a large section on fermented foods.
Mark L

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