[permaculture] Re: Holmgren Collected Writings

Thilo Pfennig tp at alternativ.net
Thu Mar 28 05:15:21 EST 2002

On Thu, 2002-03-28 at 00:08, Pacific Edge Permaculture + Media wrote:
> The release of David Holmgren's material online has stimulated discussion on
> the international pemaculture listserv about hacking the PDF
> print-protection coding to enable the document to be printed from David's
> websit.

This has nothing to with hacking!

Maybe you should read the statement of the author of xpdf:

> Abobe also provide a free, downloadable PDF-based e-book reader. This makes
> use of font sharpening technology which renders fonts more readable in PDF.
> It also provides the option of turning off the print button on people's
> computers. To publish PDF e-books, however, you must purchase the Adobe
> authoring software. This could be an option for people interested in online
> book publishing.

To produce PDF documents you don't have to use Adobe's software.

Also on xpdf homepage:


I agree that the PDF format is useful. But to say that it is a Adobe
only format is wrong -a d there are many occasion where there software
cannot help. You could (for instance) produce PDF from my SGML file (via

It is better to use free software. With this we get closer to
self-subsistence as this is more a natural ressource, independent from
the will of huge corporations.

Thilo Pfennig

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