[permaculture] animals, vegans and beyond

Graham Burnett grahamburnett at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu Mar 28 05:05:02 EST 2002

>In our context (c'mon, it's a permaculture list!) I
> find it oxymoronic to advocate a 'one-size-fits-all' diet of whatever
> kind.  Makes no more sense than a 'one-design-fits-all' approach to
> permaculture.

Indeed. You might find my article at
http://pages.unisonfree.net/gburnett/essay/veganperm.htm of interest- it's
the start of a longer piece (which I havn't gotten around to develioping
further yet- at least in any form that anybody else would find
comprehensible) and is itself developed from some of the more constructive
dialogue that has occured on various PC lists & newsgroups....

This might be an apropriate time to re-plug the Eco Vegans & Earth Citizens
list i run at Yahoo groups, part of the function of which I always envisaged
as being a space for constructive dialogue (rather than name calling &
flaming, which this issue can lead to (guilty as charged too, m'lud- but
hopefully I've learned now...)) between vegans & non-vegans/omnivores
involved in Permaculre/earthcare/world-change work... I t would be good to
have the inputs of yourself, Toby, Robin, etc)... Here's the list

"For Earthcare, Peoplecare and Fairshares-
A space for discussion, debate and chat mainly intended for those who are
vegan primarily or incidentally for environmental reasons(as well as for
spiritual, health or ethical reasons of course), or for those interested in
complementary ideas such as sustainability, permaculture, biodynamics,
community growing, forest gardening, organic growing, vegan organics,
eco-protest, Agenda 21, LETS, etc, etc, who'd be interested in having an
input. Non vegans are of course welcome here provided it's in the spirit of
mutual tolerance & respect, genuine dialogue and constructive
debate/discussion. Zealots and fundamentalists of any persuasion are
strongly discouraged, please chain up your dogmas at the post provided
outside before entering :-) "


      Subscribe:   eco_vegans-subscribe at yahoogroups.com

PS. For those from here that did subscribe then left again when it went a
bit pear shaped & negative a couple of weeks ago, things have quietend down
alot now :)

Cheers for now,


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