[permaculture] Silicon as fungal spray

Allan Balliett igg at igg.com
Wed Mar 27 20:33:04 EST 2002

Why not compost tea for the fungal problems, Elijah? It think it is 
touted as being very effective for that. More info at 

In biodynamics we use BD501, which is known as Horn Quartz. It is far 
from being simply 'silica.' Moreover, it is used as part of a system 
and probably would have some downsides if the appropriate groundwork 
was not done before it was sprayed. (Can also raise hell with 
seedlings, transplants, and cuttings.)


>Hoping to get a usefully rollicking discussion going here...
>  I'm sorta working with a nursery in the area (Hawaii) that is 
>staffed by a pretty traditional crowd but is owned and run by a guy 
>who's willing to try new things.  So far, I'm turning the cuttings, 
>etc into compost, trying to phase out vermiculite for the (locally 
>available) cinder, brewing compost tea, etc.
>I've heard, mostly through anecdotes and biodynamics texts, that 
>silica is an effective remedy for mildew & fungus diseases. 
>Currently, the nursery is using some sorta biocide spray for this 
>(we're on the wet side of the island).  When the ironwood discussion 
>came up, Robyn posted a quick and simply ironwood tea recipe for 
>fungal spray.  This would be cool, cheap, local, etc but I need some 
>sorta reference to back up these claims.  Does anyone know of any 
>studies, reports, books, etc to that effect?
>Any help is greatly appreciated! 
>  Thanks,
>    Elijah

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