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The release of David Holmgren's material online has stimulated discussion on
the international pemaculture listserv about hacking the PDF
print-protection coding to enable the document to be printed from David's

As a point of interest (separate to the discussion about ethics and
copyright on the international listserv) and as a small technical point, the
desire to print the protected documents available in PDF format is that PDF
was not intended for screen reading. PDF is designed to retain the layout of
documents for printing and is now used to transfer documents to printers.
PDF files are not recommended for screen reading as they are more difficult
to read.

Adobe, who devised PDF, published a free, downloadable PDF reader on their
website and makes it available to computer manufacturers such as Apple to
include free with their operating system. The full program using the PDF
coding is called Acrobat... it retails for several hundred dollars and
enables you to work in the Acrobat space, giving you considerably more
possibilities with documents.

Abobe also provide a free, downloadable PDF-based e-book reader. This makes
use of font sharpening technology which renders fonts more readable in PDF.
It also provides the option of turning off the print button on people's
computers. To publish PDF e-books, however, you must purchase the Adobe
authoring software. This could be an option for people interested in online
book publishing.

...Russ Grayson

From: David Holmgren & Su Dennett <holmgren at netconnect.com.au>
Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2002 17:40:16 +1100
To: permaculture at lists.ibiblio.org
Cc: permaculture-oceania at explode.unsw.edu.au
Subject: Holmgren Collected Writings

David Holmgren Collected Writings 1978-2000 is now available on CD from
Holmgren Design Services

This collection of 28 magazine articles, conference papers, public lectures,
book review and other work by David Holmgren provide a deeper insight into
the thinking  behind the Permaculture concept and its many applications.
Together they trace the ongoing evolution and explanation of permaculture to
a wide range of audiences by its lesser known author.

They will be of particular  interest to permaculture teachers and
practitioners and provide a glimpse of some of the ideas which have
contributed to the long awaited new book (still in press) by  David
Holmgren,  Permaculture: Principles and  Pathways To Sustainability.

These articles can be downloaded as screen readable pdfs from
http://www.spacountry.net.au/holmgren/CollWrit.html  but cannot be printed
nor can text be selected for pasting into other documents .  (These blocks
protect the integrity of writings posted on web sites).

On the other hand, the  CD allows readers full access to these articles
including printing and the author invites permaculture teachers to reproduce
them and use them where appropriate in Permaculture Design Courses and other

The CD also contains some biographical photos which relate to the articles
and some further references to the Holmgren Design Services and other web

The CD is PC and Mac compatible and costs A$25.00 plus postage from Holmgren
Design Services

Contact Su Dennett
David Holmgren & Su Dennett
Holmgren Design Services
Hepburn Permaculture Gardens
16 Fourteenth St,
Hepburn. 3461.
Ph/fax 0353483636
Email holmgren at netconnect.com.au
Website http://www.spacountry.net.au/holmgren

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