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Wed Mar 27 05:25:18 EST 2002

Its good to discuss the issues of media law (copyright, intellectual
property and defamation) in the new media such as this list.
We've established previously that in most countries the laws of the
land applies to cyberspace - that is, published work such as Holgren's
Writings can be critiqued, summarised, and excerpted with the author
credits (publisher info is helpful too) for "fair use".
There's nothing in the manual about not sharing the wealth, and a man
is entitled to make a living by his written words. Defamation and
libel laws apply to forums and lists such as this, so it pays to care
for the people here :)

In ATTRA's claim with Thilo's website, some mediation: 
Thilo, is it Ok to just publish a few paragraphs as examples of
David's great ideas or Attra's work, and more importantly in future,
ask permission of the artist and author first.
What webmasters and authors do is exchange emails and links - we've
even done the great webpage mentioning the author's work and invited
the author to come and look at it for approval - but wholesale copying
onto webpages puts webmasters at risk of legal breaches.
Thilo, we understand your need for content for your website, but what
the web really needs is original content - maybe summary webpages of
your research findings on the internet.

To move the ATTRA-Thilo copyright thread off this list I can offer to
mediate with those concerned via permaculture1 at start.com.au if
required - dammit, its the least I can do after posting alleged

O, here's another can o' copyright worms ~ can someone (praps one o'
the institutes) summarise the current state of Mollison's claim on
'permaculture design course' and accreditation of PDC's? I hope that
issue is resolved so we can move on with it ...

Cherio, Marcus

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