[permaculture] Re: The Power of Duck book, revisited

Steve Diver steved at ncatark.uark.edu
Tue Mar 26 23:38:43 EST 2002

Eh, Larry, did you read the post from yesterday?
The Duck book info is there on the web archive.

The Power of Duck: Integrated Rice & Duck Farming

It is a new book.  I believe it sets a new standard in organic farming
literature.  It presents an alternative farming system that is,
quite complex... yet laid out in practical terminology with illustrations
and graphics and photos.

For one who likes to view the season in context of phenology,
I am particuarly impressed with crop calendars that show you
"what" the growing season looks like and "when" you perform
farmer activities such as undersowing your cover crop, "when"
you cultivate to control weeds, "when" you turn your ducks loose
to let them forage. The Power of Duck has these crop calendars,
and it sure is helpful to see the season unfolding so clearly.

Steve Diver

"Lawrence F. London, Jr." wrote:

> <><>
> Steve Diver writes:
> Developing a framework to present a large concept, and boiling
> it down to a coherent and interesting piece takes time and creativity.
> To that extent, I do feel like the Permaculture FAQ achieved a
> framework that has worked well.
> That is part of the reason I posted the The Power of Duck
> book.  It is designed really well. Get yourself a copy and enjoy
> a good layout.
> <><>
> Just did some searching for this book; is this part of BM's DM or a
> separate publication? Got more info on it?
> Interesting reading those old PC list archives :-)
> LL
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