[permaculture] The permaculture FAQ - origin and contributors

Steve Diver steved at ncatark.uark.edu
Tue Mar 26 19:39:06 EST 2002

Larry -

The Permaculture FAQ was something that I crafted and posted
on the Permaculture List because I support permaculture,
I enjoyed the permaculture list, and I thought it would be helpful
as an educational piece I can use in my workshops and also
for my ATTRA work.  A few resources and suggestions were
likely shared from fellow participants in response to posts to
the group.

Conveniently, the 1996 FAQ 1.3 can easily be seen in the archives:

Fyi, I also posted the following item in 1996 as a tool for my
educational workshops:

Permaculture in a Burr Oak Nutshell

Though, Dan Hemenway sure huffed and puffed about that one because
it used the word "sustainable agriculture" and to Dan, the "SA" word
is an oxymoron.

Developing a framework to present a large concept, and boiling
it down to a coherent and interesting piece takes time and creativity.
To that extent, I do feel like the Permaculture FAQ achieved a
framework that has worked well.

That is part of the reason I posted the The Power of Duck
book.  It is designed really well. Get yourself a copy and enjoy
a good layout.

Steve Diver

"Lawrence F. London, Jr." wrote:

> 1) The permaculture FAQ began in this permaculture list many years ago
> 2) Many list subscribers participated in the development of this FAQ
> by contributing material to be included in it. Some edited the material
> submitted (posted to the list and/or exchanged in email)
> and created working drafts which were then put online for downlad
> by gopher or ftp, later by http in websites, namely mine and
> CSF's in Colorado.
> 3) At some point Steve Diver volunteered to edit and organize the FAQ
> in a formal document with named verions and revisions. This document
> remained accessable from CSF and my website.
> I think there was a version of the FAQ, perhaps the V. 2 that Thilo
> referred to earlier, that was still the product of community effort and
> was neither copyrighted nor owned by anyone.
> 4) A number of years ago Steve formally took over maintaining the PC FAQ
> as part of his work at ATTRA while developing extensive permaculture
> resources for that organization. The PC FAQ then became
> part of a large body of information offered by ATTRA and was made
> accessable on their website.  I am sure all us of greatly appreciate
> Steve's and ATTRA's contribution to the world of permaculture.
> It would seem that the information contained in the PC faq from V2 back
> (i.e. items 1) & 2) above) might be considered community property;
> anything after that should be considered copyrighted by
> Steve and/or ATTRA.
> Thilo has also contributed significantly, over many years, in lists and
> newsgroups, by stimulating interest in PC and in developing the means
> for distributing permaculture information around the globe
> to those who need it.
> If anyone else has anything else to offer to this train of thought
> please contribute. Maybe this offering can help extinguish any flame
> war(s) real or imagined.
> Lawrence
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