[permaculture] The permaculture FAQ - origin and contributors

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lflondon at mindspring.com
Tue Mar 26 18:34:00 EST 2002

1) The permaculture FAQ began in this permaculture list many years ago
2) Many list subscribers participated in the development of this FAQ
by contributing material to be included in it. Some edited the material
submitted (posted to the list and/or exchanged in email)
and created working drafts which were then put online for downlad
by gopher or ftp, later by http in websites, namely mine and
CSF's in Colorado.
3) At some point Steve Diver volunteered to edit and organize the FAQ
in a formal document with named verions and revisions. This document
remained accessable from CSF and my website.

I think there was a version of the FAQ, perhaps the V. 2 that Thilo
referred to earlier, that was still the product of community effort and
was neither copyrighted nor owned by anyone.

4) A number of years ago Steve formally took over maintaining the PC FAQ
as part of his work at ATTRA while developing extensive permaculture
resources for that organization. The PC FAQ then became
part of a large body of information offered by ATTRA and was made
accessable on their website.  I am sure all us of greatly appreciate
Steve's and ATTRA's contribution to the world of permaculture.

It would seem that the information contained in the PC faq from V2 back
(i.e. items 1) & 2) above) might be considered community property;
anything after that should be considered copyrighted by
Steve and/or ATTRA.

Thilo has also contributed significantly, over many years, in lists and
newsgroups, by stimulating interest in PC and in developing the means
for distributing permaculture information around the globe
to those who need it.

If anyone else has anything else to offer to this train of thought
please contribute. Maybe this offering can help extinguish any flame
war(s) real or imagined.


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