[permaculture] Re: Holmgren Collected Writings

Graham Burnett grahamburnett at blueyonder.co.uk
Tue Mar 26 16:03:42 EST 2002

Seems pretty reasonable to me! Nice one Toby...


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> I do hope that after this David Holmgren is kind enough to leave his new
> writings on his website, though I wouldn't blame him if he withdraws them.
> He has generously offered his ideas for free instead of only selling them
> his CD-ROM and book. That's pretty nice. Under his conditions, anyone can
> benefit from, use, and build on his ideas for free. He's just asking that
> we copy, incorporate, or redistribute his actual words--the product of his
> labor--we pay for the work he has done for us. Sounds fair to me.  I'll
> he'd even give permission for someone copy some of it to a website for
> When someone offers me a gift that has conditions attached, if I can't
> respect his wishes I feel I have no right to take the gift.
> We all know how easy it is to hack copy-protection. I suspect David is not
> trusting proprietary technology so much as he's trusting us to respect his
> wishes.
> Toby
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