[permaculture] Re: Thilo's web page in comparison to ATTRA's web page

Thilo Pfennig tp at alternativ.net
Tue Mar 26 07:06:53 EST 2002

On Tue, 2002-03-26 at 01:55, Steve Diver wrote:

One more thing. You wrote:

>  No wonder paragraphs from this publication show up all 
> over the web with no credit to the original author.

But you also cited my copyright notice:

   3.Give due credit to previous authors and major contributors.

So if I gave you credit in the first paragraph and I tell people to give
credit to the original authors you can not blame me that there are
people who break the GPL license wih the wrong kind of derivative work.

I for myself am not willing to cooperate without licenses like the GPL.

I am not interested in credit, allthough it is fun to have some. And
honestly I am happy if permaculture information spreads all over the
internet. I am less interested in the earnings of PC authors than in the
PC ideas in practice. Nevertheless I respect other opinions, but this is
not compatible to my approach.

Thilo Pfennig

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