[permaculture] Re: Thilo's web page in comparison to ATTRA's web page

Thilo Pfennig tp at alternativ.net
Tue Mar 26 06:53:31 EST 2002

On Tue, 2002-03-26 at 01:55, Steve Diver wrote:

> Steve Diver, that is myself, is the author of that piece and ATTRA is
> the publisher.  ATTRA is very liberal with its permission -- on

If you had answered my mails before (there are alway reasons why mail do
not reach the sender, but maybe you could scan your mailbox for my last
mails to you?)

> publication show up all over the web with no credit to the
> original author.


The first paragraph says:
" formerly "Introduction to Permaculture: Concepts and Resource"
prepared by Steve Diver ATTRA Technical Specialist (1998) "

Don't make me angry!

Everybody can check that: 

> and claiming copyright for something that was written and published
> by others.

As I have changed your work it can not be copyrighted by you any more. I
have chosen a copyleft license which means that everybody till the end
of the days can copy and redistribute this works.

And it is not right, that I did not write anything. Correcting the
links, which are a major part of the primer is a timeconsuming work. I
did not just steal your document and put my name on it as you imply!

> Would you like to offer an explanation of your broad-minded
> approach to the ATTRA publication that you have "authored",
> re-named, and laid a copyright claim to?

I am not discussing taht anymore with you on this level. I think you
have not read anything i have changed and you do not know what GPL
means. And you do not know what i as one person (not a whole
organisation) has put as own work not only on this page. 

I will delete the whole thing in an few days and ask everybody who
downloaded it, to delete this on there harddisks, too. We do not have
free information here.

Thilo Pfennig

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