[permaculture] The Power of Duck: Integrated Rice & Duck Farming

Steve Diver steved at ncatark.uark.edu
Mon Mar 25 16:43:53 EST 2002

Market gardeners here in the Ozarks (36 degrees N lattitude)
grow upland rice for self-sufficiency, not as a cash crop.  It is
all done by hand:  planting, harvesting, threshing...

The farmer is Mark Cain at Dripping Springs Garden.

Here is an online article based on his experience
with Emilia Hazelip-style permanent mulching.


Kusa is a seed organization we point to for rare
types of grains, ethnic grains, etc.

KUSA Seed Research Foundation
PO Box 761
Ojai , CA 93024

Steve Diver

UrthMomma at aol.com wrote:

> Idiot Northerner questions on rice --
> What is the growing season required for rice ?
> Does rice have greater heat requirements than field corn (maize) ?
> How can someone get a few ounces of short season cultivar ?
> Are seeds of upland rice obtainable somewhere ( Southern Exposure Seeds
> stopped listing upland rice) ?
> Sara in IN

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