[permaculture] FW: MORE THAN A PUFF OF SMOKE

permed at nor.com.au permed at nor.com.au
Sun Mar 24 06:10:29 EST 2002

>> SMH 9-3-2002
>> Article "More than a puff of smoke after all" about hemp.
>> Can someone give me references about the use of hemp in buildings; e.g.
>> Suffolk Housing Council finished 2 houses in 2001 for monitoring;
>> hemp/lime mix is supposed to act as bricks, insulation and water-proofing
>> all in one.
>> Have there been any projects in Australia?
>> Penny Ferguson

Wayne Wadsworth has been experimenting with this in Nimbin - don't have 
his email contact handy but you could drop a line to Permaculture 
international - he's on the board.
pcjournl at nor.com.au
or search for the Nimbin Hemp Embassy web site

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