[permaculture] Tutelage for cameroonian pc student

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I got just this one response from Djanbung Gardens for my request, thanks

However, I can't believe this should be the only possibility. Anybody knows
of any other? In your own place or somewhere else? Where did you people (the
ones who are designers or teachers) get your pc education?

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> >A cameroonian friend of mine who has taken a permaculture design course
> >1998 is searching for a place where he can accquire his pc diploma and
> >status as a permaculture teacher. For this he would need a few more
> >of training under the tutelage of some pc designers. He cannot do this in
> >Cameroon because there are no pc designers there. He speaks French and
> >English.
> >
> >Once he has finished his pc education, he could be starting to give
> >in Cameroon himself, getting pc established there.
> >
> >Can anybody help? What possibilities are there?
> Can he get to Australia? There's possibilities here - contact me direct
> if you want to know more
> Robyn
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