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I use a similar recipe for cucumbers, zucchini, roses etc.  I also add other silica-rich plants such as borage (nettles and horsetail are also supposed to be good).  Into the pot also goes chamomile (anti-fungal), seaweed or seaweed emulsion (for the mineral content) and onion, garlic and chilli to repel the sap-suckers and leaf chewers.  A splash of fish-waste emulsion, animal poo or 'blood and bone' round it off into a good all-round tonic that, when diluted as Robyn suggests, can be sprayed onto pretty much anything ( on a cloudy day or in the cool of the morning to avoid sunburning the leaves). 

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>> and make a great anti-fungal spray when rotted-down in
>> water.
>Dry, or green, or does it matter?

Best results are from green leaves harvested and dried.
Simmer 1 cup dried leaves in 1 liter water for 20 min and dilute 1:10 to 
Effective against powdery mildew and black spot
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