[permaculture] Biogas Designs here

bob jacobs soilfirst at tao.ca
Tue Mar 12 14:47:52 EST 2002

Hello,  To all those who wrote me wanting photoshop scanned biogas plans--
I have bad news.  The scanner can't pick them up well.  So if you want
them, I can xerox them and post them...  Please send me your postal address
and maybee $2 for postage (or since we're permaculturalists I am open to
trade if anyone might have other plans, etc they want to send me).

OK?  Write and let me know!
PS-  I have plans and info from
--"appropriate Technology"
--Photos of Biogas plants in Ethiopia
--"Appropriate tech. Soursebook"
"Other homes and Garbage" (this one is really good)

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