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Hi James...
Can I poke my nose in here and support your idea of seeking training before
working overseas?

A PDC is really the basic need because it introduces the full sweep of
permaculture (that's if it's a good course!) and provides a basis in
thinking in systems.

A PDC goes only so far, however, so I would recommend that you consider two
further short courses that should refine what you learn in a PDC.

These are Robyn Francis' week-long course for people planning to work
overseas - on which she has written below - and a week-long course run by
Jude and Michel Fanton from the Seed Savers Network in Byron Bay (I have
assumed you are in Australia or will be here before going overseas). The
Seed  Savers course addresses the establishment of seed saving and exchange

There is also the book "Getting Ready" which was written for people
planning to do permaculture and related work in developing countries. You
can find out about it from Jill Finnane (Action for World Development):
jillfinnane at hotmail.com

...Russ Grayson

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>> Hi Bill,
>> Thanks for the information. Is it your project in Thailand with which
>> you are needing help or Yoot's, or is it one in the same? I, too, am
>> looking at doing Geoff and Sindhu's PDC mainly because they have done so
>> much development work. Do you know if they do a good course? Thanks
>> again,
>> Kind regards
>> James
> James - thought you might be interested - I conduct an annual 6-day
> intensive course 'Permaculture for Third World & Indigenous Peoples' -
> next one coming up Sept.9-14, 2002.
> This course goes beyond the PDC (an essential prerequisite) and focuses
> on community building, working in other cultures, facilitation skills,
> project management, health & nutrition, and extra training in wet tropics
> & dryland pc strategies & food production.
> The PDC here covers all climates and includes many examples of pc in
> developing countries.
> Robyn 
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