[permaculture] casuarina/ironwood

John Schinnerer eco_living at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 11 17:53:03 EST 2002


> there is an ironwood casuarina native in fiji, and it is very
> durable, used for houseposts set in the ground as is. 

I have heard rumors of this too...I have assumed the casuarina in
Hawai'i was introduced post-contact but it (or some varieties) may have
come with the polynesians too.

> and it is
> _hard_ i tell you. i you dont work it right after felling (which
> is quote a job as well) you can forget it.

Sounds like the stuff in Hawai'i...  Similar with 'ohia and guava -
cut, and work while green, or they get almost too hard to work (though
ironwood is harder), especially with hand tools, which is mostly what
I'll be doing.

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