[permaculture] Last Mozzie factoid....

Claude Genest genest at together.net
Sat Mar 9 13:29:14 EST 2002

The question some researchers are asking is why do some mosquitos develop
the virus from biting infected birds, and some do not ?

Apparently it's not enough for the mozzie to merely bite the bird, the virus
then has to escape the mozzie's stomach to enter it's blood stream.

Why/How does the virus escape the stomach lining ? Because the bug is
genetically deformed/mutated/weakened/altered.

How did it get this way ? here's the good part : They're theorizing that
it's the sprays themselves !!

Capishe ?! The more they spray, the worse it gets....

We can "work with natue for beneficial realtionship with place" or we can
continue to wage war and literally have the fruits of our efforts bite us in
the ass....

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