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Fuck off, no only joking my dears. I'm posting this on this public
site, I can't really be bothered to seek out the 'private' mail lists.

I've unearthed a abondoned nuttery in west Powys, Cymru (Wales), the
lifetimes work of one Mr David Every, a old school vegan, animial
liberationist freak. 50 years or so's work...selected cultivars of
hazel (cob/filbert) and walnut for good cropping 1000 feet up in the
This is what many people have been looking for and working towards on
own plots, so rather than us all reinventing the wheel again and again
again, ideally this nuttery needs to be made into a community project,
semi delerlict house sustainably  (obviously) developed as a
centre, the cultivars propagated and distributed to communities
the uplands of Cymru, England, Alba. With the aim of doing this I made
offer of 40000 quid to the deeds holder (Every's Nephew, seeing as
senior has passed onto another plane).... but (apparently) someone
else got
there first).  Hopefully this 'other' isn't the next door sheep
rancher (at
the appropriated named 'folly farm' )  ...who commented to me 'those
wont grubbing out they do'.
Anyway the trees are still there at the moment and I would urge anyone
interested in this field to go check it out. Go there in the Autumn
scrump some nuts. This is good veganic alchemy.... The sort that the
(landowning/animal torturing perverts pyscotically try and destroy).
They failed.

Map reference.... (O/S) LR (Landranger) 137     (six figure refernece)

Good hunting.....of the right sort!

Bright Blessings.

Mummy Earth.

check out my website...

Lawrence F. London, Jr.
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