[permaculture] kunayala

Martha Boyd maboydm at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 7 14:17:10 EST 2002

Hi, The Kuna are the tribe who live in the islands on the east coast of 
Panama and who make the beautiful appliqued molas.  They participate in a 
number of international indigenous sustainability projects, and are 
especially interested in ways of protecting the ecosystem that maintains 
their traditional way of life.  I think you also may be able to find 
something under "nabguana," their word for mother earth--actually, I just 
found this (on yahoo)-- something to get you started anyway:
NATIVE-L (March 1993): Association Nabguana
Association Nabguana. ... Association NABGUANA The Association of Kunas
United for Mother Earth, founded on January 4, 1991. ...
Good luck!

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