[permaculture] Biodiesel

soilfirst at dojo.tao.ca soilfirst at dojo.tao.ca
Thu Mar 7 12:07:32 EST 2002

I tend to agree with the subject-- Biodiesel is not perfect, but for large 
industry (recycling trucks for example) they make sense.  But a better 
solution and a harder one is for people to examine their consumption 
patterns-- befor buying a diesel car, try a ike.  Our recycling trucks at the 
EcologyCenter could be made more obsolete if people lessened their 
material consumption.

Finally, cars have ruind the country.  Biodiesel should not be an excuse 
for more roads, more congestion, more subdivision just cause it is 

It s a transitional solution, nothing more, nothing less.  In that lkight it is 
better than real petrol oils, but it is by no meansd perfect (And the 
monoculture/gmo issue is very real).  Best tthat people are just aware of 
these issues when considering these things.


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