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Wed Mar 6 00:10:57 EST 2002

Please pass this on to anyone who you think might be interested....

April 2002 - December 2002
Hands-on Permaculture Design Course 
at the Wild Thyme Farm, Oakville, WA

This course will meet one day a week.  The day of the week will be decided at 
a meeting of all interested students.  

Tuition:  $1000 - $1200 sliding scale.(includes all fees and in-class 
instructional materials)

Facilitated by Marisha Auerbach and friends

This course will consist of hands-on experience and instruction, recommended 
readings, field trips, and homework assignments designed to help the sutdents 
reflect on ways to incorporate what they are learning into their lives.   It 
is not necessary to attend every hands-on activity to complete the course.  

The objective of this course is to provide a comprehensive overview of 
permaculture techniques and strategies that one could incorporate into their 
everyday life, or enhance their career.  This course will provide diverse 
hands-on experience, enhancing the student's knowledge of permaculture.  The 
intention is to facilitate a systems approach to thinking about different 
issues, encouraging care for the earth and its inhabitants as a diverse 

Topics that we will cover in this course include:  Permaculture ethics and 
principles, design and observation, patterning, edible landscaping, organic 
gardening, greenhouse maintenance, introduction to biodynamics, zone and 
sector planning, soil, water, nutrient cycling, foresrty, ethnobotany, 
companion planting, forest gardening/orchard design, appropriate technology, 
alternative housing, guild design and implementation, microclimates, 
rainwater catchment & recycling, animal husbandry, pest control, energy 
conservation, permaculture for the urban setting, medicinal herbs, 
wildcrafting, flower essences, riparian area management, bioregionalism, 
community economics, seed saving, canning and preserving, and agroforestry.  

This course would be useful to urban planners, architects, gardeners, 
landscape designers, environmentalists, small farmers, educators, foresters, 
homesteaders, students, anthropologists, reclmation specialists, and anyone 
else who would like to incorporate sustainable living practices in their 

To learn more information about Marisha Auerbach or Wild Thyme Farm, please 
check out our webpage (www.wildthymefarm.com), email at Earthwiz76 at aol.com, 
or call (360) 273-7117.

have a beautiful day!  :)

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