[permaculture] Mosquito spraying

permed at nor.com.au permed at nor.com.au
Wed Mar 6 08:42:31 EST 2002

The problems with spraying mossies are
1. kills their natural predators especially other insects and frogs
2. impact on human health and wildlife
3. the mosquitoes soon build up immunity and become pesticide resistant 
and you've got an even bigger problem as most of their natural insect 
predators have disappeared

Where are they breeding - can breeding habitat be reduced?
If there's small ponds/bodies of standing water around introduce small 
fish to eat the wrigglers (check out local species - all aquatic systems 
will have small insect eating fish as part of the food chain)
Release more predators - praying mantis eat around 200 mossies a day
Give people information on natural repellents to wear


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