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I agree. Generally one should be very careful introducing species in an area
where they are not native. This is an American species and should not be
introduced where it is not native or already widespread.

The same book says on mosquitoes:

"Other fish species which may control mosquitoes include any of the
livebearere family (Peciliidae), the golden shiner (Notemigonus
crysoleucas), the bluegill (Lepomis macrochirus) and some of the tilapias,
notably Tilapia mossambica. Some of these may fare better with predators
than the mosquitofish, but few can mathch its ability to hunt down mosquito
larvae in extremely shallow water, on in tangled mats of weeds and algae."

I would hesitate for instance to introduce Tilapia species anywhere where
they are not yet established (anyway, they are now widespread in tropical
countries), because they reproduce quickly and might easily become a thread
to other species. Generally, one should search for native species (fish or
not). If there are mosquitoes, there are probably some predators for their

Generally, a better approach could be to control tourist populations instead
:-) If the price of tourism is spraying of poison so they can enjoy
"untouched" nature, then to hell with them.

Tourists who like to enjoy nature might not like to pay that price, so one
should search for ways to inform them about what is done.

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> Be careful Gambusia sp. are a major environmental problem in many parts of
Australia: Displacing many native species.
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