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bob jacobs soilfirst at tao.ca
Tue Mar 5 13:52:15 EST 2002

FYI --Biodiesel is different from Biogas-- Biodiesil is making gas for
diesil cars from used french fry oils.   It's cool stuff, and Dancing rabit
is going good with it.

My workplace, the Ecology Center www.ecologycenter.org  is making it too,
and we run all 12 of our recyclign trucks on it.

Tim Krupnik

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>From: Robert Waldrop [mailto:rmwj at soonernet.com]
>A ten person operation might be an interesting project for a
>neighborhood, or a permaculture/cohousing project.

I believe that the Dancing Rabbit ecovillage in Missouri is working on a
project along these lines, although if I recall correctly they refer to it
as 'biodiesel.'  Is this a different technology?  Anyone interested in
checking that out, I think their website is something like
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