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Jerome Osentowski jerome at crmpi.org
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Bats under bridge,  yes that's how Austin TX. controls their problem, plus
they turn it into a turist attraction.  people come to see the bats fly in
and out .  hotel window are faceing the bridge.   When designing the RFC
golf and fishing club project  misquito control was a major concern,since we
were putting lots of lakes and water features for the fishing component. It
was a no brainer.  The bats come to the lake for a drink, and eat mosquito ,
The swallos  and dragonflys work the day shift.  There was no need for Bt
control, but that could have been a back up control if needed.  I sit in a
swing chair next to my little pond and watch this adtivity every day during
the summer. we have no mosquitos.  Haveing the water is the key . Trading a
drink for free not toxic mosquito control, it's all part of gods plan....
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>From: Mark <mpludwig at facstaff.wisc.edu>
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>Subject: Re: [permaculture] Mosquito spraying
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>>I'm looking for
>>1. reasons why spraying is a bad idea and
>>2. Organic alternatives to "controlling" the mosquito population...
>>Thanks in advance,
> what are they spraying?  They may already be using Bt, it's getting pretty
> popular given how many pesticides are being withdrawn.  As for
> alternatives, I'd look at big bat houses.  Try bat conservation
> international, Austin TX, I think.
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