[permaculture] Biogas digester plans

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I have a copy of "Another Kind of Garden: Environment, Agriculture, Energy"
by Jean and Ida Pain in an English translation leant to me by Emilia
Hazelip.  Living in the South of France it is a resource second to none for
its understanding of the fire prone, Holm oak forests typical of this region
(excepting, of course, Emilia herself, who has been working for thirty years
to bring the natural farming of Masanobu Fukuoka to temperate climates).

Unfortunately, I am only at the beginning here in developing my few acres
and currently composting brushwood for application as a mulch: a mulch, Jean
Pain claims, will provide the vegetables with all their water requirements
through our long, dry summers.  But when I have restored the old building on
the property I would certainly like to develop his ideas for heating and
biogas using the chipped brushwood.

Jean pain died some years ago as Scott writes and I am not aware of Ida Pain
still being involved in his work.  www.jean-pain.com is simply a commercial
site intent on selling chippers.  The best contact I have for ongoing
research is in Belgium, http://www.inti.be/ecotopie/compbrou.html, the Jean
Pain Committee (married to a Belgian I would think emails addressed in
English will be understood and answered).

Robert mentions an English translation in progress and the French book is
available from the Belgian site above, I would be glad to make Jean Pain's
work available to a wider English speaking audience, but it would appear his
work is not yet free of copyright.  Any ideas?


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>I think it would be very useful to many people if the English
>translation of of the Jean Pain book referenced below could be found
>and made available, either by reprinting or via the internet.  Also,
>is the author still around?  What has happened with his operation?
>(If there is anything I can do to help this, I would certainly
I have his book somewhere in my library and will try to dig it up.  My
understanding is that Jean is no longer living but that his wife runs the
Jean Pain Institute in France and sells his books, both French and English
editions but it has been over ten years since I contacted them.

Scott Pittman

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