[permaculture] Biogas digester plans

Robert Waldrop rmwj at soonernet.com
Mon Mar 4 21:27:28 EST 2002

I think it would be very useful to many people if the English
translation of of the Jean Pain book referenced below could be found
and made available, either by reprinting or via the internet.  Also,
is the author still around?  What has happened with his operation?
(If there is anything I can do to help this, I would certainly

A ten person operation might be an interesting project for a
neighborhood, or a permaculture/cohousing project.

With biogas, it seems to me that the frustrating thing is that while
the concept is well understood, it is hard to access practical
information such as how to convert something like a chipper or an
automobile to run on methane biogass.

Robert Waldrop, Oklahoma City

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From: Harold Waldock <haroldw at alternatives.com>
The methane (from wood chips) producing tanks produced enough methane
he converted his chipper, tractor and his trucks/automobiles to run on
The scale at which he worked was a 10 man operation not household.
Somewhere in my files is the title and possible sources.  An English
translation was done but one would have to dig deep to find it. If you
it would you lend it to me?  I do not know of anybody who has
transplanted his concept.  Interest died out in the mid 80's a time of

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