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I've seen  detailed plans somewhere on the net: I'll try and dig them up.  Be aware that these digesters also produce a fair amount of sulphuric acid vapour, which would place some limitations on equipment and fittings used.  Apparently, the acid can be reduced / removed by passing the gas through bottles of steel wool or similar iron waste.  This gradually turns white, not rusted /oxidised.  It can be re-used by exposing it to their until it does oxidise. 

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Have seen plans from the 70's using two cylindrical tanks, the smaller 
nested and floating in the larger.  A pipe thread is tapped in the top of 
the rig and enough pressure is generated by the weight of the tank for 
cooking gas.  Of course one would want some kind of flame arrestor in the 
line to avoid unintended pyrotechnics.  Perhaps two units would be better 
to allow one to work more fully while the other filled?  The other models 
I've seen use rubber or plastic bladders.

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>Is anyone familiar with homescale methane production via compostables and
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