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May I suggest poured earth?  We are doing a house in poured earth with
18" walls, and will do our raised garden edges with 4" poured earth
walls.  Build a form that can be used over and over, put a strip of
Tyvek in the bottom and pour a slurry of local clay + gypsum or cement +
a waterproofer like Ramseal.  Our main form will be one segment of a
keyhole garden, so we sequentially pour several segments and then move
on to the next keyhole.  We are also building one form to pour straight
walls and one to do a generic S curve.  The labor is in the form, so you
want to think through how to build the smallest number of forms.
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Re: cob walls

I like this idea.  We have Jeavons-style raised beds in our
garden which rests on a mild slope & I always wish the walls
didn't crumble & the bed would keep its original shape.

A big advantage of raised beds is that it allows more air &
more water in the soil but does not get too wet or too dry.
We have a drought going here, but our veggies are doing

Has anyone tried this cob-type method & does it allow the soil
breath adequately?

Would something cruder, more like mud work pretty

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