[permaculture] gabions

Bob Ewing & Jocelyn Paquette sixdegrees at baynet.net
Wed Jul 31 13:53:19 EDT 2002

Greetings, there are a number of properties in varying states of neglect decay
around that might be a source for this, even possibly on site, we haven't
explored the full 160 acres yet.

Mark wrote:

> At 01:08 PM 7/31/02 -0400, you wrote:
> >Greetings, this sounds like a possible solution. We have plenty of helping
> >hands, mostly youth involved in a Young Ranchers project so this could work.
> Might poke around and find some old woven wire fence (sheep fence).  I've
> seen this used to make gabions or even corner "posts" made of piles of
> rocks wrapped in the wire.  Certainly cleaned a lot of stuff out of it
> where it crossed streams after big floods.
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