[permaculture] gabions

Claude Genest genest at together.net
Wed Jul 31 11:47:07 EDT 2002

Where the water runs, make it walk  - you slow it down by "draining" it
along contour, nice and easy - where it spills, you have it do so in a thin
wide sheet, like water cascading out of an overfull bathtub - and remember,
even if you do any of this imperfectly, you're still miles ahead of where
you started from, which is an unmitigated disaster.....

> I know that brush, gabions can slow water but I'm not sure if drainages are
> in the right places a la the Yeoman system. I'm also not sure that in
> tampering with the existing channels might not cause the formation of other
> channels; deepen and widen existing channels or what.
> Sure like to have some expert advice on this. Look forward to your comments.
> All the best.  Frank
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