[permaculture] Material for raised bed

Robert Waldrop rmwj at soonernet.com
Tue Jul 30 14:11:17 EDT 2002

Two messages I found in the coblist archives seem to me to make the
best suggestions:

This response suggests that rather than having straight up and down
walls, that cob walls for garden beds would be sloped a bit, narrower
at the top, wider at the base.

The conversation continues here, and these suggestions are added:
putting the cob wall on a bed of gravel, and putting gravel between
the soil and the wall, presumably to allow the water to drain and not
accumulate up against the walls.  Also, the general consensus on cob
walls in general (those that aren't topped by a roof) is to top them
with tiles, brick, or something that sheds water.


I contacted the person who had posted the original question, and they
did not follow through with the idea.  Near as I can tell from the
coblist archives, nobody has actually done this so it is a question
that remains unanswered.  I've order the basic cob books, and intend
to make one as soon as they get here and I can get them read to see
(a) how hard it is to do in general, and (b) see if it works.

Robert Waldrop, OKC

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From: John Irwin <jwirwin at permaculture.net>
>I like this idea.  We have Jeavons-style raised beds in our
>garden which rests on a mild slope & I always wish the walls
>didn't crumble & the bed would keep its original shape.
>A big advantage of raised beds is that it allows more air &
>more water in the soil but does not get too wet or too dry.
>We have a drought going here, but our veggies are doing
>Has anyone tried this cob-type method & does it allow the soil
>breath adequately?
>Would something cruder, more like mud work pretty
>For Pc & Peace,

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