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Sat Jul 27 00:36:39 EDT 2002

On Saturday, July 27, 2002, at 05:39  AM, Graham Burnett wrote:

> The imporatnat thing IMHO about PC courses isn't so much the 'facts &
> knowledge', which indeed you could proabaly pick up with judicious home
> study and reading, and from applied work , so much as the group 
> dynamics,
> the fact that for the duration of the course a learning 'community' is
> formed, in which group knowledge, skills, personalities, etc come
> together... THAT is the really valuable part...

Fiona Campbell and I taught a part-time design course in Sydney for some 
years and found Graham's comment about the formation of a 'learning 
community' to be true.

I listened as others told me that a part-time course would never 
generate the 'community' and bonhomie of a residential course. However, 
I found that it does. Although the 'learning community' may be a less 
intense affair than that of a residential course, it was equally 
convivial and, according to participants, meeting weekly (sometimes 
more) generated a sense of what Graham calls 'learning community' and 
allowed people to get to know each other more.
> As for gaining a permaculture diploma in 2 months... well in the UK the
> diploma process involves a minimum of 2 years applied Permaculture work 
> from
> completion of a 72 hour PC design course...

Same in Australia. The Permaculture Institute stipulates this period.

> not sure of the diploma's 'worth' as such anyway, personally I see it 
> more about
> recognition of one's personal achievement and reaching a certain stage 
> of
> deeper understanding of what 'permaculture' is about and how that is
> incorporated into one's practice & lifestyle...

Agree completely Graham. It's recognition of the fact the student has 
completed two years applied work after completing a design course. I 
think it is valuable for that alone. Like the design course, it probably 
needs formalising more and a structure or attaining a diploma agreed to 
by training providers.

Russ Grayson
Sydney, Australia

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