[permaculture] diploma in permaculture design

Robert Waldrop rmwj at soonernet.com
Sat Jul 27 16:12:14 EDT 2002

I'm probably like many people, very interested in permaculture, but
there isn't a permaculture school in Oklahoma, and in any event, cash
is perpetually tight around our house.  Attending a course would be a
great opportunity, but in the meantime, it is possible to learn a lot
from books like Gaia's Garden, Permaculture in a Nutshell, the books
about Robert Hart's forest garden, and various internet sites.

But there is no teacher like actually doing.  I'm three years into my
learning curve, and beginning to transform a place has been by best

the hardest part for me is conceptualizing the "whole thing".  So I
get around that thus far by concentrating on smaller segments.  If I
can't get the whole garden, I can understand a guild, and if I can
understand one guild, and do that, then maybe I'll understand what to
do next to it.

Now we've been given two vacant lots in our neighborhood, one on a
corner, one just around the block from it in the middle, both about
60' x 200'.  Hopefully we'll be able to do something sensible, and
beautiful, and productive with our new stewardship.

Robert Waldrop

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