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Kirby Fry peace at totalaccess.net
Fri Jul 26 23:42:37 EDT 2002

Hi Loren,

Good to hear from you.

>>  1) How was this financed/funded?  What "invisible structures"
facilitated your original installation and now the ongoing maintenance?  <<

It was paid for by, Frank Langham, who is the owner of the 32 acres.  He's
essentially agreed to allow his land to be used as Cross Timbers'
demonstration site.  Our collective design, his financing.  We're also
leasing with an option to by 5 acres of the land from him - one garden and
two ponds are on our five acres.

Mainly, however, it's the result of being at the right place at the right
time and never giving up on the goal of creating a sustainable settlement.
We met Frank while we were hosting a design course with Bill Mollison and
Scott Pittman at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Glen Rose, Texas.  Frank
lured us away from Fossil Rim by offering us a chance to buy 5 acres of the
land (at no interest) as we worked with him to develop the entire proprty.

Another way to look at it, is that land west of Austin in the Edward's
Plateau, Hill Country cost around $4,000 an acre when purchacing
approximately 30 acres (great view but limestone for soil).  We paid $2,000
per acre east of Austin in the post oak savannah (red clay and sandy soils)
and still built our gardens for less than what it would have cost to buy the
same amount of land in the Hill Country.  So by choosing less expensive
land, with even more fertile soil, many things became possible.

>>  2) How are you planning to use the outputs, particularly of about 1.5
acres of garden beds?  <<

The gardens are primarily intended to support whatever community of people
grows up around them.  Surpluss can and should be harvested and marketed.

I'd like to harvest water plants out of the ponds and sell them, or possibly
have a "park and pick" set up where folks drive out to pick berries and
other fruits.  I imagine that we're going to have persimmon and fig coming
out of our ears.

We're looking for more ideas.

Kirby Fry

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