[permaculture] diploma in permaculture design

Loren Davidson loren at farwalker.com
Fri Jul 26 19:04:26 EDT 2002

At 03:35 PM 7/26/02 -0500, Mark wrote:
>At 01:03 PM 7/26/02 -0600, you wrote:
>>At 07:45 AM 7/26/02 -0500, Mark wrote:
>>>My advise is to ignore the absurd obsession people have with getting 
>>>their shiny PC certificate.
>I expected there would be some snotty reply, nice to not be disappointed.

When you enter a discussion using highly-charged, judgemental words like 
"absurd" and "snotty," what else *can* you expect?  I believe that guides 
on Netiquette would term this behavior either "trolling" or 
"flamebaiting."  Generally, it doesn't fall under the definition of 
"playing nice."

I fail to see how deliberately insulting people results in "care for the 
earth; care for each other."

Just my uninformed $0.02,


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