[permaculture] diploma in permaculture design

Graham Burnett grahamburnett at blueyonder.co.uk
Fri Jul 26 15:39:36 EDT 2002

The imporatnat thing IMHO about PC courses isn't so much the 'facts &
knowledge', which indeed you could proabaly pick up with judicious home
study and reading, and from applied work , so much as the group dynamics,
the fact that for the duration of the course a learning 'community' is
formed, in which group knowledge, skills, personalities, etc come
together... THAT is the really valuable part...

As for gaining a permaculture diploma in 2 months... well in the UK the
diploma process involves a minimum of 2 years applied Permaculture work from
completion of a 72 hour PC design course... Personal;ly I tool 3 years,
others have been doing PC for years and still not got their diploma- not
sure of the diploma's 'worth' as such anyway, personally I see it more about
recognition of one's personal achievement and reaching a certain stage of
deeper understanding of what 'permaculture' is about and how that is
incorporated into one's practice & lifestyle...

I don't think a PC diploma would help you get a job or anything though in
the way a 'recognised qualification' would...

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> >My advise is to ignore the absurd obsession people have with getting
> >shiny PC certificate.  I have yet to take any PC design course.  I have
> >enough knowledge gained from organic farming, grazing, landscaping,
> >ecological restoration and a quick trip through the design manual that it
> >would be a waste of my time to take such a course.   IF you can read the
> >books, get out and look at some sites, network with others and fill in
> >gaps in your education on how to patch the world up a PC course is not
> >necessary.  It is only really valuable if you are a relative
> >neophyte.  This view is mine alone, I'm sure others will suggest you take
> >a course, and if you have the time and money it sounds like fun.  If not
> >just go for it and don't worry about the folks that think PC is a trade
> >marked club for those who went to school.
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> >Mark P. Ludwig
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> For those of us who were not born all seeing and knowing a permaculture
> course is a great way to go and there are some great teachers out there
> giving good courses, none of them could benefit Mr. Ludwig, I'm sure, but
> perhaps others might have a slight gap in their knowledge.  How would one
> know if a course was a waste of time if one hasn't taken the time to check
> it out?
> Scott
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> PC Institute
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