[permaculture] Greetings & Green Manure

Kirby Fry peace at totalaccess.net
Fri Jul 19 08:59:02 EDT 2002

Hey Gene!

Nice to see your post.  Still working as an engineer?

It sounds like Mark has a nice system he's working with.  We also recently
built some extensive gardens - about 2 acres of raised, tilled, amended and
irrigated beds, and put out around 3,200 pounds of cover crops.  Clover,
wheat, vetch, oats wry and recently sorghum and beans.  The sorghum is now
approaching 8' tall, and corn, beans and squash grows thickly below.

There is also a prolific amount of native annuals and perennials which we
seeded - sunflower, coreopsis, salvia, Echinacea, bundleflower, partridge
pea etc.

I'll describe the gardens in more detail in another post.  Cheers!

Kirby Fry

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