[permaculture] Living mulch garden update

Mark mpludwig at facstaff.wisc.edu
Fri Jul 19 08:37:01 EDT 2002

The concept is fairly straight forward, I plant most of my plants into a 
growing carpet of white clover.  This is my third year with the 
practice.  I mow the clover to control weeds and to generate mulch for the 
soil.  The is also quite a bit of black medic volunteering in the beds, 
though this tends to decline rapidly in the late summer.  Many of my 
transplants were from root trainers, a very narrow but tall type of pot, to 
plant I just jacked open the soil with a spading fork and inserted the 
plug.  Worked great.  For direct seeded crops I use a weed burning LP gas 
torch, two hot passes pretty much knocks out the clover, but also tends to 
encourage crab grass, a prostrate c-4 annual.  If you have any specific 
questions I would be glad to answer them.

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> >I'm still happy with the living mulch garden. <
>You may have posted this earlier and I missed it, but could you elaborate a
>bit on what you did with the living mulch?
>Like, what is it, what's the theory behind it, etc.
>Gene Monaco
>Knoxville, TN
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