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Tue Jul 16 19:24:46 EDT 2002

'Getting Ready' ...a guide for international NGO, permaculture and community
development workers' was written by the Permaculture and Development Team of
Action for World Development(AWD) and published in 1998.

This multi-purpose book was put together by people who have worked in
developing countries and those in developing countries who have hosted
visiting Australian workers.

Though general in its applications it has a special focus on permaculture.
It has plenty of practical and inspiring suggestions to help you take
yourself through a useful preparation process for overseas work or work in a
different culture.

Like permaculture, the issues, stories, suggestions and exercises contained
in the book are perennial.

The price for a single copy is now only AU$11. If you order ten copies, you
pay a mere AU$5.00 for each copy. So... Rush your AU$50.00 today to Action
for World Development, 1 Henry St Turrella NSW Australia 2205.

(I keep meeting people who tell me how valuable they have found the book and
what a difference it made to their overseas experience.)

Cheers Jill Finnane

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