[permaculture] "St(r)eaming the fields"

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Sat Jul 13 00:29:31 EDT 2002

From: shu lea cheang (shulea at earthlink.net)
Subject: call for garlic harvesting

A CALL to New York area old and new  media makers -

Please join us for Garlic harvesting in Andes, New York
July 27-August 4, 2002

"St(r)eaming the fields"  is a field harvesting and public network
project conceived by Shu Lea Cheang  for "Challenge to the Field" Award
granted by Lyn Blumenthal Memorial Fund for Independent Media. Borrowing

from Argentina's "El club del Trueque"  (Club of Exchange) that
advocates parallel economy reciprocity practices and  speculating on a
post-capitalist, post-arts funding,  "after the crash" scenario,
"St(r)eaming the fields" project aims to realize a media exchange and
digital commons shared network using organic garlic as social currency
to establish a media trading system. In collaboration with organic
farmer Tovey Halleck, the project's first phase of production (July 27-
August 4) calls for the independent media field to congregate at the
green fields in upstate New York (3 hour bus/car ride from New York
City) where garlic crops are expected to be ripe and fresh for
harvesting. During this week of harvesting season, we invite and welcome

media makers and friends to join as garlic harvesting crew hands. As we
dig garlic bulbs out of rich soil, we exchange and reflect on the
grounds of  current media conditions. Food and board are traded for
Labor and thoughts.   The collective garlic harvesting sessions are
documented as net streaming data.

For the second phase of the project, a website <RICH-AIR.COM> will be
launched in the early September for online media trading using virtual
garlic as credito.  The third phase of the project will take  place at
the end of September.  We bring in truckload of  harvested garlic to
New York city for trading - virtual garlic credito for edible garlic and

edible garlic for public access wireless network in public spaces. In
early October, we distribute garlic bulbs for global shared network at
NAMAC  (The National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture) conference in
Seattle and return to the green fields to reseed the garlic cloves for
next generation harvesting.

For project proposal and more information: http://WWW.RICH-AIR.COM
To participate in garlic harvesting during the period of July 27 to
August 4 please send an e-mail to Shu Lea Cheang (shulea at earthlink.net)


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