[permaculture] Thanks to Permaworld

permed at nor.com.au permed at nor.com.au
Fri Jul 12 18:58:44 EDT 2002

Gene Monaco's response to John Schinnerer summarises much of what i've 
come to realise since looking deeper into what Permaworld was on about. 
Having never participated in things like these (aversion to power 
selling, not motivated by greed and sceptical of get-rich-quick scams) I 
first had to get clear with the difference between pyramid schemes like 
the aeroplane game and network marketting (MLM). This difference is also 
recognised by law in Australia - the former is illegal the latter legal. 

However when one steps back from the hype around these terms (and scams 
that have given MLM a bad name) to look at the whole multilevel 
networking process it has a remarkable similarity to how permaculture was 
spread (my turn to play devil's advocate:-)) - teach a course and urge 
others to become teachers to urge their students to teach etc. the main 
difference being that Permaculture didn't have the upflowing financial 
aspect of the scheme together. 

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