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Mon Jul 8 07:29:50 EDT 2002

Since January 2002  Permaculture International Ltd has received over 
$17,000 in donations from Permaworld to support its work. Permaworld is a 
Canadian on-line environmental fundraising initiative based on the 
principle of network marketting to support permaculture and other 
earthcare projects around the world.
	Thanks to these funds from Permaworld, PIL is now in a financial 
position to begin to move ahead. The office is now staffed 3 days a week 
to provide the essential administration required to enable further 
projects and to coordinate volunteers and special project teams.   
	Funding guidelines are being drafted to use a portion of these funds to 
support permaculture projects in developing countries.  Other projects 
under consideration include producing a CD-ROM of the best articles of 
out-of-print issues of PIJ, publishing a Permaculture International 
Yearbook and furthering the work towards developing accredited 
permaculture training.

(PIJ = Permaculture International Journal)
Some of the Permaworld funds are being used to cover post and packaging 
costs to send a limited number of packets of (approx. 20-30) PIJ back 
issues to not-for-profit community organisations. These packs are now 
available for organisations including NGO's in developing countries, 
Permaculture and Landcare associations, environment centres, community 
garden and city farm associations, schools and public libraries.  
Interested organisations should send in an application with details about 
their organisational (legal) status, objectives and activities. 

Applications can be forwarded by 
email: pcjournl at nor.com.au
post: PO Box 6039,  South Lismore NSW 2480

Aug 23-27th at Djanbung Gardens PEC
Read about the details in this issue of The Planet or email 
permed at nor.com.au
- don't miss this opportunity to catch up on what others are doing and 
participate in envisioning the future of permaculture. Speakers will 
include David Holmgren, Robina McCurdy (New Zealand), Tim Winton 
(Permaforest),  Geoff Lawton (PRI).

Plus the Special Workshops with 
David Holmgren (Sun 25th Aug) and with 
Robina McCurdy (Tue 27th Aug).
For further details, registration form and info re accommodation please 
Ph 02-6689 1755     Email:  permed at nor.com.au

This message sent by Robyn Francis, PIL board director

Djanbung Gardens Permaculture Education Centre
home to: 
Permaculture Education
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Nimbin Eco-Village Project Office
Robyn Francis - permaculture designer & educator
PO Box 379, Nimbin NSW 2480 Australia
Ph 02-6689 1755 Fax 02-6689 1225
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