[permaculture] Permaculture curriculum for children + Robina McCurdy

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Sun Jul 7 06:00:25 EDT 2002

Hello Kristi, Keith and others...
Robina McCurdy, who Kristi enquired about in regard to permaculture for
children,  is currently running year one of an ambitious new course in
permaculture design and community development in New Zealand and, as far as
I know, is not currently engaged in permaculture in schools/ with children.

She did a lot of work on permaculture with children and in schools in the
mid-1990s but I am unaware whether she ever published a curriculum.

Robina, before working in drylands South Africa and in Cape Town squatter
settlements, ran a number of permaculture in schools workshops in Australia,
starting in 1995 at the Australian permaculture convergence in Adelaide.

After this, a number of  Australian permaculture people became involved in
projects in schools and in offering their own workshops on the subject -
people like Salli Ramsden in NSW and Jacqui Hunter in South Australia.

Out of the ideas from that 1995 workshop, which was facilitated by Robina,
and drawing together books and other material suggested by workshop
participants as a bibliography,  Fiona Campbell and I pulled together a
modest publication on permaculture in schools. It is long out of print and
the sources of books and other materials in the bibliography are now

I do, however, have a PDF file of the thing minus some of the graphics that
would not carry over from the page layout programme. It is in two PDF files
- articles and bibliography - one around 550kB and the other around 650kB.
Maybe I will place that on the Permaculture International website as a PDF
file some time. 

Carolyn Nuttall is a one-time school teacher in Brisbane who introduced
permaculture concepts into the curriculum of the school where she taught.

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