[permaculture] Ecosystem Diversity & Bio-mass: Prairies vs. Forests

Kirby Fry peace at totalaccess.net
Thu Jul 4 21:13:34 EDT 2002

Hello From Texas,

I'm looking for studies and information about the diversity and bio-mass of Texas prairies as compared to Texas woodlands.  Other general info is also certainly welcome.

Several folks whose main objective is restoring the prairies of Texas, a very worthy endeavor, would do so at the expense of the woody brush and woodlands that have begun to cover disturbed prairie lands - namely juniper, mesuite and other "invasive" brush species.

That prairies are more diverse than woodlands is another justification for clearing trees.

I'm also hearing that prairies have more bio-mass than forests, and that prairies have a higher ratio of underground bio-mass than woodland systems do.

Discussion and documented sources of information appreciated.

Kirby Fry

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