[permaculture] Open letter to the Australian permaculture movement

John Schinnerer eco_living at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 4 03:20:23 EDT 2002


> I am watching the rebuilding of Ford motor 
> company's river rouge plant in Michigan with particular interest as
> it will  be the largest living roof in the world once completed and 
> have a huge living machine water treatment system.  This is the kind 
> of project that will take sound design to the next level precisely 
> because bean counters will scrutinize it and the Wall Street Journal 
> will report on it.

McDonough is getting some amazing buy-in (and lucrative projects -
definitely a 'top-feeder' ;-), true enough, and I applaud his
efforts...and, the Ford motor company is not going to stop spending
billions to propagandize for paving the world and cranking out and
selling SOVs (including plenty of SUVs) just because he's got them to
put a living roof and stormwater/graywater system and whatnot in the
rebuild of their enormous motor vehicle factory.  It is still a motor
vehicle factory.  One of the articles nails it in the headline, calling
it a '$2 billion facelift' - "face lift," not "paradigm shift."  K-Mart
(or was it Wal-Mart?) will not stop pushing petroleum-based plastic
sweatshop throwaway everything just because he got them to use some
daylighting and assorted energy-saving techniques in one of their big
boxes.  Cultivating mass consumerism for its own sake is what they do,
regardless of the box they do it in.  The bean counters will continue
to consider arbitrary economic beans more important than human beans,
and the Wall Street Journal is for the most part a multinational
corporation lapdog.

Rant aside, I am curious to see if any of these sorts of
non-paradigm-threatening corporate buy-ins will ultimately prove to be
systemic leverage points that eventually have large consequences for
the better.

John Schinnerer, MA
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