[permaculture] Russian Knapweed

Mark mpludwig at facstaff.wisc.edu
Wed Jul 3 13:25:40 EDT 2002

I remember seeing something on experiments out west trying to graze it out 
with sheep and re seeding.  I have not seen results.  You might try 
contacting Kansas State (possibly another Kansas U) as they have world 
class grass land researchers.

At 12:32 PM 7/3/02 -0400, you wrote:
>Russian Knapweed is epidemic in much of the country, particularly in Mich 
>where my
>cousin, who works for the Dep of Nat Resources, reports that not only have 
>they NOT
>found a control for it (aside from reforestation) they have found that it 
>is a contact
>carcinogen and repeated unprotected handling can have dire consequences.
>If you learn anything more, please contact me.
>PS I haven't yet viewed Jerome Osentowsky's video on Natural Controls for 
>Weeds though I am now inspired to do so, ASAP.
>Jerome Osentowski, Director
>Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute
>PO Box 631, Basalt, CO 81621   U.S.A.
>Tel/fax (970) 927-4158    E mail: jerome at crmpi.org
>For more information, please visit his web site at <<www.crmpi.org>>
> > hello
> >
> > I am seeking information on how to eradicate Russian nap weed from 70
> > acres in S.CO. can you help
> >
> > thank you
> > Frederica Hall
> > frederica at wowmail.com
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